In What Mediums Do AABSS Presentations Occur?

Proposals are accepted for presentation in (a) lecture formats, (b) poster sessions, or (c) symposia.  Lecture formats afford a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation that includes 5 minutes for questions and answers.  A moderator of the session keeps close time.  Poster sessions allow for a visual presentation of the information and a more extended time frame, including the opportunity for more personal engagement with conference participants regarding the subject matter.  

Authors may request a symposium whereby a single topic is addressed among several presenters with each respective author engaging the other presenters and the audience in a more interactive manner.  The entire time block holistically belongs to the symposium presenters, although each presenter possesses a particular presentation title in the conference program.  Other than ending the time block as scheduled, no time keeping is imposed for symposia. Indicate a symposia presentation preference, as part of the proposal submission, if you desire this presentation medium. 

All conference presenters are assigned a medium, although obviously due consideration is given to the preferences of the respective presenters when assigning the respective mediums.