Annual McGraw Hill Distinguished Scholar Award

This year inaugurates the fourth annual distinguished scholar award and we are grateful to the McGraw Hill textbook publisher for lending their corporate name to the awards. The awards are intended to (a) recognize quality scholarship among AABSS participants and (b) encourage able scholars to continue participating in the conference. AABSS will bestow 3-4 awards on an annual basis and they will be recognized in the conference program. We assembled an ad hoc committee of able scholars who had previously attended the AABSS conference and among whom had received the award last year. The committee reviewed CVs of individuals who previously have had longstanding participation with the conference and evidenced able scholarship in research conference presentations, journal publications, and other scholarly contributions to their respective fields.

The recipients of this year’s MH awards will be eligible to serve on the selection committee for future MH awards. We will again form an ad hoc committee for 2018 and the AABSS conference director will appoint a new selection committee annually. MH award candidates may be self-nominated by sending an e-mail message to the director with an accompanying CV. For selection, the individual must have previously attended AABSS and also attend the conference in the year in which an award is bestowed. Particular consideration is given to evident scholarship and continued participation in the AABSS conference. Recipients may be selected from later career scholars with established records of publications and/or early/mid-career faculty who provide evidence of particularly promising scholarly careers.

Please extend a hearty congratulations to the following 2017 recipients:

Louise Bond-Fraser
St. Thomas University

Heewon Chang
Eastern University

Gary Peters
University of Alabama at Birmingham