Why an Interdisciplinary Conference?

"There is a place in academe and professions for both specialized and multidisciplinary presentations; one is not superior or inferior. As an example, I have previously presented intelligence research multiple times at what arguably is the premiere international conference in that subject area. The individuals at the conference were able to evaluate my studies, critique my work, and provide feedback at a very micro-and-specific level. At the same time, however, I have also previously presented other intelligence research at interdisciplinary research conferences. The appraisal and feedback tended to be much more integrated, holistically-considered, and viewed from a variety of perspectives. The point is that I have benefited from both mediums and both venues have their rightful places in higher education and professional practice."

"I find two particular benefits in attending conferences such as AABSS. The first, obviously, is the information that I gain when hearing others’ presentations. I am more informed, keep abreast of the latest research, and am engaged with the subject matter. Second—and also very important—I make connections at conferences such as AABSS. Engaging professionally with others outside of my own discipline is an extremely beneficial activity to do at times. Helpful questions are posed, research collaborations are generated, and assumptions are challenged in ways that often do not occur in content-specific conferences." Dr. Firmin